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Product Development  

Developing smart products, that are also in demand on the market, is not that easy. Quite often an existing product is developed further instead of developing a completely new product. A new product ist sometimes defined through exceptional design, sometimes extraordinary technology or sometimes both. Very often it's not about opening up completely new markets, but rather a question of discovering the right market niches and exploiting existing know-how and technology. People say: "The money is just waiting for us!" But very often opportunities are missed, decisive moments are overlooked and existing possibilities are not used. Product development can also mean that you leave the beaten track and go completely unconventional new ways. This requires courage. But risks can be limited through good strategic planning.

The KORA FT11 window system is such a new product development, although the focus is on the production technique. The window system itself is not new or unusual.

Contact us with your ideas and let us create or further develop your products, systems, manufacturing processes and design principles. We are the creative partner at your side and help you minimize risk through strategic planning and achieve success.





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