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The term marketing describes a concept of holistic, market-oriented corporate management that facilitates the perception and satisfaction of the wants and needs of customers. This includes all policies and steps in a company leading to the successful sale of products offered on the market. Marketing is therefore not only sales, but also incorporates a holistic approach based on a marketing concept that defines all of the strategic objectives and associated steps which lead to middle- to long-term sales success.

Marketing is the key and foundation to success. Cost-effective production is useless if the products can not be sold profitably. This area is often underestimated in small scale enterprises, which can have fatal consequences. Some of the best companies with high quality, innovative products have already had to file for bankruptcy because they were not able to sell their products profitably on the market in sufficient quantity.

A Marketing concept must include a sales strategy. How should the distribution be constructed and organized? Is direct sales the right way or is sales better through distributors and resellers? Is it better to operate in the contract business or should the focus be on private customers as the target audience? Do my strengths lie in the renovation of old buildings or more in the area of new construction? How big is my sales territory? Should I expand it? Is domestic distribution still useful or should I also try it for a period of time in neighboring European countries?

All these questions need to be asked. Progress arises only if the current practice is questioned creating new methods and developing new strategies. Set your focus primarily on distribution in your advancements.

Siebert Engineering will help you to develop and implement the right marketing concepts. Don't wait too long. Pick up the phone and call us or send a mail so we can establish contact as soon as possible to make you more successful.







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