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One of the biggest problems in the German economy is the lack of qualified specialists and executives. This situation will get even worse with the current demographic development. A company is only as good as its employees. The real assets of a company are the people and personalities that shape a company. Therefore, it is actually the boss's job to permanently provide appropriate, qualified employees and develop concepts for the education and training of the company and invest specifically in this area. A middle- to long-term sustainable human resources policy focuses as early as possible to young talents, acquiring them directly after their education and preparing a career path for them within the company.

The Occupational Academy Melle offers such a program with the Model 2 + 3 = 4. A high school graduate can become a carpenter and a wood engineer specializing in window and facade technology. Siebert Engineering is decisively involved in the development of this training program.

Masters of Carpentry receive a high quality education at the Federal Training Centre of Carpentry in the area of stair construction, which is carried out in large part by Siebert Engineering.

It is always a special concern that students are trained to become executives as well as receive a professional qualification. This is done primarily through personal coaching and mentoring. The lectures and lessons must be didactically and educationally so sophisticated that young people get enthusiastic about this specialized content and become motivated. This motivation must be maintained and kept awake. Self-confidence grows through a sense of achievement. The young people grow a little more with each passed examination. They gain confidence in their mentor through this process.

Siebert Engineering has very good, trusting relationships with many companies in the industry. All the same Siebert Engineering has a heart for talented young people and wants to help ensure that they develop optimally beyond their training. Through close trusting relationships as a mentor Siebert Engineering has helped a number of young people get their first jobs in executive positions. Many of them have become very successful.

On the one hand, Siebert offers coaching and mentoring. On the other hand, Siebert Engineering helps companies acquire appropriate specialists and managers. Do you need help? Then talk to us! We will try to help you find suitable qualified executives. Do not hesitate! Call us today, then we can make an appointment to discuss everything.









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