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Window System Technology 


Until 2009 the IV68 window (DIN 68121) with double glazing was established as the universal window system for all requirements in the industry. This system was also used with light design modifications for noise protection, intrusion protection or historical preservation windows. Over the years improvements in thermal insulation were achieved by improving the thermal insulation of the glass until the physical limit of double glazing had been reached.


In the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) of 2009 the requirements were increased so much for thermal window insulation that triple glazing and increased frame thicknesses became relevant.


In addition, common profile shapes were influenced by window research and the development of new fittings and seals. New manufacturing processes were created. Increasingly, CNC technology is being employed instead of flow path line technique, single part instead of frame manufacturing. Continual, further tightening of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) is foreseeable.


The consequences are completely new profile geometries in different frame thicknesses with an increasing number of variants, different requirements and price levels. All advanced wooden window manufacturers today also make wood-aluminum windows, doors and niche products where they can distinguish themselves from their competitors.


Many other parameters are changing as part of the transition to new systems. This is reflected in the purchase of new window tool sets such as the plant equipment (CNC), type of software control, production, organization, sequence change, etc. The consideration of the many relevant parameters with all their interactions is highly complex, difficult and very often inscrutable in their long-term effects for window manufacturers.


It is a matter of making the right decisions for a future-oriented structure. These decisions should not result in high-risk, exorbitant investment costs. High production flexibility, high performance and quality improvement while lowering production costs is important.


All these are actually conflicting parameters in themselves. Siebert Engineering has the expertise starting with the development of new window systems, optimizing all these features and tailoring to the individually needs of the companies considered. You can achieve such a system conversion easier, cheaper and more effectively if Siebert engineering is involved sooner in this process. Remember that every tool supplier, machine manufacturer and dealer in a sales pitch also wants to sell its products as profitably as possible. That's why you need to rely primarily on a neutral advisor who looks for optimal solutions with the best price-performance ratio. That way you can save a lot of money and get much better solutions.


Ask us. We will make you an individual offer.


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