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Innovation Award KORA FT11 Window System 


Dittmar Siebert received the Federal Award for Outstanding Innovative Achievement on Sunday the 18th of March 2012 at the International Trade Fair in Munich from the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology for developing the KORA FT 11 Window System IV78/IV90.

 He was able to present this system at the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) exhibition during the entire fair (see video).

 The design goal of KORA FT 11 is to be able to produce the modern IV78 and IV90 window systems in differing variants with a 5-axis programmable planers and moulders machine and a  Standard CNC machining center with maximum efficiency and minimal capital expenditures for machinery and tools.

 It is a complete newly developed, unique and optimized wooden window system. Completely new, ground-breaking advancements are combined in this system representing a high level of innovation. The combination and beneficial interactions of interlocking innovations create a highly flexible, high-performance, low-cost universal window tool system which is particularly well suited for the smaller window manufacturer. With approx. 20 tools you can produce eight window variants which are infinitely adjustable between IV78 and IV90.

 All systems can each be made with one or two weather seals (middle / inside seal) with a traditional cut  window bar or alternatively a milled window bar.

 The corner connection is counter / dowel or counter / screwed.

 Pre-profiling is done and different strips are milled while planing the outside of the casement profile and the inside of the frame profile. The miters are sawed out on the beveled glazing beads separating the window bar in the CNC machining center. Milled glass bars can be made by pressing a button. On this basis, traditional window fabrication can be combined with modern window manufacturing in the form of single part production. The entire structure is created with efficient use of materials in mind. Workload capacity can be increased with various optimizations to about 18 windows per shift on a Standard CNC machining center despite tool splitting and fully integrated frame production.



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