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The Basic Values of Siebert Engineering

Without certain basic values no business processes can function. Economies needs rules and standards so that they do not destroy themselves. These basic values set a standard that we can not always do live up to. But we do not want to cease to stand up for what's important to us and what we know is right. This helps us to help all participants to receive the appreciation that leads to a powerful partnership.

The guiding principle of our trade is embossed by human ethics shaped by christian values. It is characterized by an image of man and a value system that is rooted in the dignity of the individual and is supported by a life-preserving and life-unfolding value.

We have decided to act in accordance with the following seven core values:

 1. We do everything we can to meet our commitments, obligations, regardless of whether they were agreed to orally or in writing. We are goal oriented in this sense and try to do what we set out to do and what we have promised. We try to only promise what we can keep.

 2. We appreciate the people, the leaders, the entrepreneurs in your business and act in the interests of the person seeking advice independently of obliged profit. The maxims of seriousness and confidentiality apply. Partnership in this sense is the highest form of cooperation. We respect each person as an independent personality and strive for fair dealings with each other.

3. The limit of help and commissioned service is that, when something is demanded of us that damages other companies or people, especially if they are companies and people with whom we work. Similarly, we do not reject legal, shady business. We reject corruption on principle.

4. Consistency and clear goals shape our actions. The quality of corporate objectives determines the quality of the company's future. Our belief is that only clearly defined goals bring success to business and each individual. Therefore, we expect and recognize performance. We all benefit from this.

5. We know that wealth is more than money. Money is not the fullness of wealth. We give neither the money nor monetary things the sole priority, but are careful in our work of what makes life really rich, such as good relations and community, trust, sincerity and credibility. We give money and possessions the position they deserve - true to the motto: "Money is a good servant but a bad master."

6. We face reality and are truthful in dealing with each other. We accept the facts as they really are. Even in the face of unpleasant facts we ask ourselves impartially what the requirements that arise from the problem situation are. We ensure that our words and actions are in harmony with each other. The will towards truth doesn't eliminate errors. We correct false or erroneous statements as soon as we become aware of them. We do not repress conflicts, but instead provide a solution.

7. We appreciate honest business. In our activities we respect the mutual rights and obligations. We comply with laws and legal requirements. We conduct our business accurately and reliably. We don't want to be outdone by anyone in the quality of our service.

With the definition of our core values and a desire to act accordingly, we find self-orientation and are predictable for others and reliable partners.

The basis of our Christian values is the belief that God and Jesus Christ are reality. Faith in Jesus Christ and a personal relationship with him as Lord are the basis of Christianity and salvation. Jesus Christ came as the Son of God to this world and died for our sins, our sins on the cross, and thereby overcame death for us and the condemnation of God's absence. Jesus is the way to God. Whoever believes in him and is willing to have a personal relationship with Him and receive Him as Lord in his life will be saved.

We are aware that all talents represented on this website, skills, activities, references and targets were achieved only by God's power and help and give the honor to God and Jesus Christ as Creator and source of all life and being. We thank Him for everything presented on this website.

We also plead for religious tolerance among all religions, especially Judaism, the Christianity and Islam. We want peaceful co-existence, tolerance and cross-fertilization. We reject religious hostilities, defamation, crusades and holy wars as a principle.











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